Our Services

Car Paint Correction

U.G.S Auto Detailing offers a comprehensive paint correction service for all of our customers. We can correct scratches, scrapes, and more with our trusty paint correction tools and equipment. Call us today to discuss your paint correction needs! 

Exterior Auto
Trim Restoration

Check out our premium auto trimming service specifically designed for creating a much sleeker and more beautiful car!

Headlight Restoration

U.G.S Auto Detailing offers the best headlight restoration in town! We can professionally restore all of your headlights to their original quality with our high-end equipment and top-notch skills. Call today!

Auto Clay Bar

Auto clay bars are designed to remove any contaminants or pollen from your vehicle’s paint, glass, doors, or windows. Call us today to learn more about this service!

Auto Buff and Wax

At U.G.S Auto Detailing we only use the highest quality buffing and waxing equipment: we will be sure to buff out as little paint as possible and protect your next layer of paint with our high-quality waxes!

Auto Seat Shampoo

If you are looking for a high-quality interior shampoo then you’ve come to the right place! Our shampoos can get rid of any stains or buildups on your seats or carpets. Call today!

Leather Seat Cleaning

Our leather seat cleaning service is the best in the area! We professionally clean all stains and vacuum your seats with no damage - call us today to schedule your first appointment!

Leather Seat Coating

If you want to protect your leather seats, and make them durable against normal wear and tear, then our leather seat coating is a great choice for you! Call us today to discuss this option!

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the highest quality coating that we provide to all of our car owners. This coating is specifically designed to comprehensively protect your paint from the elements - call us today to speak with a specialist!

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